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Tripleberry regular

Indoor / outdoor
A staple in my garden for sometime in different variations. An early colourful Durban IBL / Pakistani Chitral Kush hybrid was the basis of this strain and subsequently I added an array of coveted blueberry strains (Including MOB, an early DJ selection and a pre-2000 era blueberry sativa).

Expect some phenotypical variation with stable flowering times and high quality amongst all. Smells range from musky forest berries and jam and blueberry candy to very pungent Durban/chemical smells. Purple and pink phenotypes show up in about 40% of progeny in my testing. A large number of females and males were selected to reduce bottlenecking and create higher variety in order to find truly exemplary specimens due to the stable IBL and land race genetics used. We felt we really lucked out on this strain as she ticks all the boxes! Our breeding focus was aimed at a berry smell and taste with colourful buds, however yield, finishing time and resistance came along for the ride.

Most phenos ride a fine line between what is commonly considered indica and sativa, her buzz is strong and calming with slight euphoric and energetic effects when not over consumed.

Outdoors her land race beginnings allow her to finish quite early (Mid-late September) with large yields and extreme resistance to PM and bud rot. Bag appeal is also very high. She can also be photosensitive if put outdoors in early spring from indoors with lighting over 18 hours.
Feeding considerations: Moderate-Heavy feeder. Easy on the nitrogen, it tends to hold nitrogen into late flower, however no major adverse effects on taste have been noted.

Indoor flowering 52-58 days
Outdoor harvest 3rd week of September at 45NL










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