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Seeds are sold as souvenirs. No guarantee on germination.
Loss or damage in the mail, is the chance the customer takes.

TGA Subcool

Jesus OG Kush regular
Hells OG X Jacks Cleaner X Space Queen

Indoor / outdoor
After 2 years of testing Kush mother plants the Hells OG Cut was by far the best. Combined with the legendary effects of JTR Jesus OG Kush is what we feel a sour Kush should measure up to. Looking for something to believe in? Jesus is here for you! Phenotypes: Two main phenotypes are dominant, a Lemon scented one containing high levels of Lemonene. The other is very Kush Dom and the favorite among all of the testers.
Height: Tall
Yield: Heavy Producer
Indoor and Outdoor Proven
Best way to grow: Top early and train into a round bush for maximum bud production. Harvest: 56-63 days
Sat/Ind: 80/20
Hybrid: Hells OG X Jacks Cleaner X Space Queen
High Type: Narcotic but thought provoking as well provides pain relief and mental clarity at the same time.
Taste: Typical Kush flavor with subtle undertones of lemon and fruit flavors. The flavor of Kush takes a back seat to the fruit smell.
THC % 20.12 - CBD % 0.56 - CBN % 1.27

Indoor flowering 56 to 63 days


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Jesus OG Kush

Jesus OG Kush



Souvenir seeds.

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