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Ustad Seeds

China White  Diamond Kush  Jack Smack  Shishkaberry  Prices



China White regular

This hybrid of white widow and herijuana has been extensively tested and has become well loved by beginners and experts alike. This plant is very easy to grow and produces excellent yields of top quality herb making her a favourite for beginners or those with limited space. The plants are short to medium height, branchy, fairly low odour, produce large solid buds in 8 to 9 weeks of flowering and work very well in S.O.G. or as larger plants. The finished product has a beautiful sweet fruity smell with an underlying dank pungency that tickles the nose. The effect is a pleasant mind body mix that falls right in between sativa and indica and smoked in moderation can be enjoyed throughout the day. Consumed in larger quantities this herb could put an end to plans quite quickly, so make sure you don't over indulge if any work lays ahead.

Indoor flowering 8 to 9 weeks

China White
China White


China White  Diamond Kush  Jack Smack  Shishkaberry  Prices

Diamond Kush regular

Indoor / outdoor
This plant is a cross of an old school Super Skunk with a Shishkaberry male. The results of this hybrid have have become very popular with indoor and outdoor growers alike. The plant produces super dense nuggets that just sparkle with resin. This plant is a little taller and more branchy than a pure shishkaberry but retained the super speed of the father.  The buzz produced from the finished product has an even
head/body effect but be careful. When grown well she can be deceivingly strong.

Indoor flowering 55 days
Outdoor harvest. Early October


China White  Diamond Kush  Jack Smack  Shishkaberry  Prices

Jack Smack regular

This strain is an F1 hybrid between an exceptional Jack Herer mother that has been in our mother room for years and an equally exceptional Herijuana father that just oozes resin. The results of this cross have been better than we could have imagined. The plants are on the taller side and perform best in larger pots however S.O.G. gardens have still yielded wonderful results. These plants will flower for approximately 10 weeks but you can make up the extra flowering time by shortening the veg time as these plants love to stretch once a 12/12 light cycle is induced. This is a very easy growing plant that will yield very well as long as its basic needs are met. The finished product is sublime. Jacks Smack produces large flowers that have a pungent fuel like smell and a heart racing, mind warping buzz if smoked in excess or by less experienced smokers. Lightweights you have been warned. This hybrid has found its way into many medical gardens.

Indoor flowering 10 weeks

A growers observations:
2 phenotypes seen, the larger one providing an up daytime high while the shorter variety with the tighter nugs he described as the day wrecker.

Jack Smack


China White  Diamond Kush  Jack Smack  Shishkaberry  Prices

Shishkaberry copy regular

Indoor / outdoor
This version of the famous shishkaberry is two generations removed form breeder Steves shishkaberry #3. This incarnation manifests itself as a very vigorous, single cola, lightning fast plant with a finished product that has a dank spicy flavour. These plants do not like to branch and flowering is only 49 days making them ideal for close planting indoor S.O.G. gardens. The finished product from these plants is a nice dense bud that is completely coated with resin with a potency that start off as a happy
giggly buzz but later settles into a more relaxed experience. Wether you're after bud or extracts you will not be disappointed with the yields on this
plant. Once she starts to flower she just explodes and after seven weeks she will be covered in flowers that just oozes resin. Outdoors she produces
a larger bush and will finish by the end of september however if you live in a rainy climate keep an eye out for mould.

Indoor flowering 49 days





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