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C99 regular

Originally created by Brothers Grimm circa 1997 - Cinderella 99 (aka Cindy, C99, Cindy 99) began as an unknown Jack Herer  (Haze/Skunk#1/NL#5) hybrid dubbed 'Princess' that was then crossed with  NL#5 x Skunk#1 and backcrossed three generations to the original  Princess'.   This particular line is the result of recombining two parallel Cinderella 99 lines using a total of 18 parent plants.  Some vigor has been restored as well as a bit more diversity in plant 
structure.  All phenotypes are typical with mouth watering citrus/fruit aroma, exceptional potency and early finishing time.  Little to no CBD makes it great day time smoke as well as an effective anti-depressant. 

Indoor flowering 50 days

 Brothers Grimm description:
This strain may be the "Holy Grail". The result of painstakingly backcrossing a VERY RARE female to her male progeny over 3 generations.  This hybrid was specifically bred for indoor cultivation. Short-statured & heavily branched, this plant grows LONG, dense colas with an 
EXTREMELY high flower/leaf ratio and OUTRAGEOUS resin production. The breeder has observed a "giant leap" in potency with each progressive  generation and, as expected, Cinderella 99 has topped all previous results - her high is heavily influenced by Haze; clear, energetic &
devastatingly psychoactive. A plant with all of the above is rare enough, but Cinderella 99 finishes flowering after a scant 50 days of 12/12! Above-average yields of crystal covered buds reeking of tropical fruit aromas can be harvested every other month once a mother plant is 
selected and asexually propagated.

C99 by Whish


Erdpurt x Friesland (M33) regular

Outdoor / indoor see note below
Original Friesland from the Super Sativa Seed Company (M33) , not to be confused with 'Freezeland' which is a Friesland cross. The hybrid with Erdpurt from ACE Seeds has created an outdoor variety that is sure to handle any harsh northern climates or elevations. The original Friesland listing from S.S.S.C describes the plant as follows:

"Huge plants with lots of side-branches which carry a load of smelly, stinky buds. Cold resistant. Under ideal conditions, you can harvest two pounds of buds. Very suitable for outdoor growing in the northern states. Harvest the third week of September."

Erdpurt was bred in the Swiss Alps over many generations and produces an a typically structured Afgani plant but with a very high tolerance from inclement weather. Erdpurt also shows very interesting colors of red's and purples and has great bag appeal. ACE Seeds describes Erdpurt as follows:

"Classic Swiss genetics designed for northern outdoors and greenhouse, but does well indoor as well and produces nice in southern parts also. Sometimes shows semi auto traits grown under 45N lat.

STRUCTURE: Very hardy plant, will never fall for winds or bad weather. Very resistant to disease and molds. Multi coloured leaves, stems and buds. Very ornamental.

BOUQUET: Strong smeller with earthy undertones, likes a good long cure. Fresh roast coffee and strawberry/blackberry pie smoke fragrances.

Indoor/outdoor. All climates(autos around equator) Grown under very humid conditions its suggested to prevent mold from using organic products like Amistar after descriptions Highly recommended for cold and humid outdoor. Take some days with lower frost temps without damage."

The Hybrid of Frisland x Erdpurt may auto flower inside so it is suggested vegging at 20 hours on 4 hours off.

Outdoor harvest early/mid-September.


C99  Erdpurt x Friesland (M33)  Honey Dew  Mazar x Grape Ape
Mazar x Yunan China  Pakistan-Afghan-Lebanon  Prices

Honey Dew regular
(Mazar-I-Sharif x C99)

Three years and over twenty Mazar hybrids later, we bring you Honeydew – the F1 cross with Cinderella 99. While many of the Mazar hybrids produced desirable growth characteristics, nothing could compare in smell and taste. With fragrances ranging from citrus, to mangoes and melons, it’s a real joy to consume. Its ease of growth and bountiful yields make it a favorite for growers as well. Expect a uniform crop with indica-dominant plants ranging from 3ft to 5ft in height, with many short, densely packed side branches. The high leaf to calyx ratio passed on from the Mazar-I-Sharif father makes it somewhat time consuming to trim, but also an excellent candidate for hash production. Indoors, plants can be harvested after 8 weeks but benefit from being left as long as 10. While Honeydew is able to tolerate both warm and cool climates, it requires until the end of October or early November to finish outdoors and is not recommended for growers in the North.
Indica / Sativa:   50 / 50
Grow Location:   Indoor / Outdoor
Yield:   High

Indoor flowering   centered around 9 weeks

Honey Dew


C99  Erdpurt x Friesland (M33)  Honey Dew  Mazar x Grape Ape
Mazar x Yunan China  Pakistan-Afghan-Lebanon  Prices

Mazar-I-Sharif x Grape Ape regular

In original trials of Mazar-I-Sharif hybrids Grape Ape x Mazar was our first choice to continue working with. Unfortunately the Grape Ape mother was lost and we ultimately went with Cinderella 99 x Mazar-I-Sharif (Honeydew). This batch of seeds is a back cross of the original Grape Ape x Mazar hybrid to Mazar. Around 15 pure Mazar males pollinated a similar number of Grape Ape x Mazar females. Many of the favourable white grape aromas reminiscent of Welches Concord Grape Juice remain in the back cross. Plants are typical Christmas tree shape and finish in 9 weeks with well above average yields.

Indoor flowering 9 weeks


C99  Erdpurt x Friesland (M33)  Honey Dew  Mazar x Grape Ape
Mazar x Yunan China  Pakistan-Afghan-Lebanon  Prices

Mazar-I-Sharif x Yunnan regular

While reproducing China, Yunna from ACE seeds, cuttings from our 2 favorite Mazar-I-Sharif mother plants were seeded by 6 Yunnan males. The exact lineage of ACE's China Yunnan is unknown but it's likely to be influenced by strains from Myanmar (Burma) to the west of Yunnan. This is one of the highest yielding varieties that passes through our garden and it is very forgiving and easy to grow. Also one of the most unique aroma something like funky old cheese and sour fruit. Well ripened by flowering 8 weeks.

Indoor flowering 8 weeks


C99  Erdpurt x Friesland (M33)  Honey Dew  Mazar x Grape Ape
Mazar x Yunan China  Pakistan-Afghan-Lebanon  Prices

Pakistan/Afghan/Lebanon regular
(Mazar-I Sharif / Purple C Kush x Lebanon)

The original Mazar-I-Sharif x Pakistan Chitral Kush cross was not planned but turned out to be the highlight from the crop. This Mazar-I-Sharif line originates from The Real Seed Company collected in Afghanistan in 2007 and the Pakistan Chitral Kush from Cannabiogen. Plants are varying colors from green to purple and red and the flavor and aroma very typical of middle east hash plants although more floral then would be expected. Males from the original Lebanese line collected in Lebanon in 2008 also by The Real Seed Company and males from the first generation of indoor reproduction pollinated a number of Mazar x PCK females resulting in a very enjoyable strain to grow. A wide amount of variation exists within the gene pool making it highly adaptable to different environmental conditions. Expect some plants with high THC low CBD as well as individuals with low THC and very high levels of CBD. Suitable for production of sensimilla or hashish. Expect plants to finish between 8-10 weeks.

Indoor flowering 8 to 10 weeks





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