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BC Sp. K  BC Sweet Kush  Island Purps  Mountain Jam 2  Prices


BC Special K x Jack regular

Special K = The "Queen" biker kush cut from Vancouver Island x Landrace Afghani from Kandahar.

Same AfI dad that made Visionthai.

Indoor flowering 9 weeks


BC Sweet Kush regular

BC OG x Jack (aka: BC Sweet Kush) Regular

The now-classic BC OG Kush clone, a true broadleaf indica representation of the sweeter kush flavor profile, less fuel-y, and much more compact than the US style OG-variant. These plants are much more manageable indoors than the typical OG with her vine-like habit, and will provide a much better yield for those in smaller spaces. Incredibly resinous floral cluster with that classic kush smell the market can't seem get enough of. Even those sick of the kush craze will want to keep these in their gardens.

Indoor flowering 8 weeks


BC Sp. K  BC Sweet Kush  Island Purps  Mountain Jam 2  Prices

Island Purps regular (Purps x Jack)

This plant is truly an old time Vancouver Island oddity, very heavily seated in the 'afghanica' realm, a plant I suspect to be somewhat ancestral to the wide leaf indica "kush" plants that form the basis of the modern purple kush lines. Sh is all but extinct on the Island, where growers have mostly moved in favour of the newer kush types.

This plant grows like a classic afghanica, with wide leaflets and short internodes, and dense floral clusters that have an almost musty/kushy nose without many of the sweet notes that some of the newer kush hybrids have. While on the plant, the flowers retain a somewhat strange rubber, mushroom compost type of smell that can definitely hit the nose in the wrong way, on the musty side of acrid, but once the plant is trimmed it really settles into a classic afghanica type smell that is rare in the marketplace today. Interesting and unique cannabis, unlike anything else in the collection, and it was so different I just had to keep it. Mite and mildew resistant, with thick leaves that purple completely and vibrantly with intense light or relative cold. Done-diddly in 8 weeks, an early contender and crossed with the Jack is just a little taller and more vigorous yet retains her status and an early indoor producer. The lower overall odour makes her appealing for those concerned about smell, or that have clandestine commercial spaces where smell can be a concern. Take a trip back to yesteryear and enjoy this classic!


BC Sp. K  BC Sweet Kush  Island Purps  Mountain Jam 2  Prices

Mountain Jam 2 regular
(Soulshine x Jack)

The original Mountain Jam has been well hunted since she was originally released.  The mother, ‘Soulshine’, has proven her worth as a medical greenhouse champion in BC, her offspring well beyond in some of the most competitive medical markets of the world.  Flowers very reminiscent of ‘Grapefruit’ in terms of scent and appearance, but the plant shows a better stature and more colour in the flower.  Crossed to the Jack you can expect a little more limonene on the offspring, excellent early developing yield both indoors and in the greenhouse, but please be wary to grow this one outdoors where wet autumn seasons predominates or you could lose a lot of gorgeous flowers to mold.   Well above average yields.

Indoor flowering in 8-9 weeks






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