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East Coast Seeds

Apollo 18  Odell Kush  Sour Grape  Fem Pineapple Kush

Apollo 18 regular
(Apollo 13 (F4) X Apollo 13 (F5))

Indoor / outdoor
Originally bred by the Brothers Grimm and later re-introduced by TGA Genetics, Apollo 13 is one of my favorite strains for getting a task completed that requires a lot of focus such as writing or needing a creative solution to a problem.  One of the contributing factors which lead me to breeding was the inspiration I received from how passionate and knowledgeable the Brothers Grimm were about cannabis.  Unlike her energetic sister, Cinderella 99, this strain is great for beginners because there is no paranoia after medicating even though this cultivar is a sativa dominant plant with THC levels hovering around 18% – 20%. 
This indoor hybrid has a high calyx/leaf ratio & finishes flowering in 8 weeks or less. 
The best females are short, heavily branched plants with multitudes of dense, resinous bud sites - perfect for SCROG.  Many growers from the 90’s raved about the amazing red bubble hash that could be made from the bright red pistils on Apollo 13’s colas.  This strain has its heritage taken from Brothers Grimm stock, recreated by TGA, and then crossed/backcrossed over 5 generations by East Coast Seeds to bring you Apollo 18. 

Lineage: Apollo 13 (F4) X Apollo 13 (F5) Apollo 13 by TGA Genetics = Genius X P75
Height:  Average
Indoor/Outdoor:  This strain is bred for an indoor environment with limited testing for outdoor production in the Northern hemisphere.
Cultivation method: Topped, SCROG (SCReen Of Green)
Sativa/Indica: 75% sativa / 25% Indica
Medical Effect:  Focused, Energetic, creative. happy, uplifting, pain relief
Best for Symptom Relief of:  PTSD, ADD, depression, and fatigue.  It has also been reported as having pain relieving qualities by patients in treating lower lumbar disc disease.
Aroma/Taste:  Thankfully Apollo 13 has a great effect because her aroma during flowering time will leave you thinking you left the lid of the trash when you enter your garden.  On a grower note, smell is a great deterrent and added security.  If medicating with dry flower in joint form, the smoke has an enjoyable underlying citrus flavor.  Very good energetic effect when produced in edible form, and even better for pain relief.

Indoor flowering 52 - 58 days

Apollo 13


Apollo 18  Odell Kush  Sour Grape  Fem Pineapple Kush

Odell Kush regular

Indoor / outdoor
Kashmir” – Vanilla Kush – Barneys Farm X Pandora’s Box father – TGA (purple pheno) 55% BLD (indica) / 45% NLD (sativa) 50 % chance of a purple finish at harvest
This cross was inspired by very aromatic mother I found in a batch of seeds gifted to me by a fellow MMAR patient, and then crossing my chosen mother with a pre-selected Pandora’s Box male I had in my genetic stable, and finally backcrossing an F3 male with Kashmir (the original mother), to bring about – Odell Kush.

Best grown topped and bound, may need some support via bamboo or trellis netting during flower, but stocks and branching are generally strong.

3 phenoes: 1. Short Indica dominant plant with large colas, 2. Tall Indica dominant plant with large colas (these 2 phenoes lean more towards their mother’s lineage), and 3. A tall plant with sativa leaning bud structure with larger amounts of resin that the other 2 phenoes (Pandora lineage is more dominant).

Pheno 1 and 2 have a dominant lavender aroma with undertones of lemon.  The third pheno has more a dominant citrus aroma with earthy under tones.

Odell Kush has a great calming medicinal effect, but will not leave you couch locked.  Once inhaled the medicinal qualities quickly begin their magic by filling you with a soothing sense of bliss and relaxation.  The euphoric effects of this strain will not put you to sleep however, as it is a hybrid cross.  Expect creative thought promoting effects that could turn into completed house hold tasks.  Little to no burn out after smoking this strain, and in edible or decarded capsule form, is a great muscle relaxant.  Odell Kush is recommended for daytime use in calming symptoms of PTSD, and as an antianxiety treatment but is also useful for helping with depression, and mild to moderate pain.  THC testing to be confirmed, estimated between 18 and 22 percent, with 1 to 3 percent CBD.

Seeds are produced using organic methods under both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Indoor flowering  60 days
Outdoor harvest mid October @ 45NL

Odell Kush


Apollo 18  Odell Kush  Sour Grape  Fem Pineapple Kush

Sour Grape regular
(Vortex x C4)

A hybrid of 2 great strains, Vortex by TGA Genetics and Chimera’s C4 out of the Netherlands.  This Sativa dominant cultivar produces triangle resin covered colas more representative of her vortex lineage, with berry smells and potency inherited from the C4 father.  This strain is being further hybridized by back crossing the F3 generation with C4 to shorten flower time and add more of the Indica qualities such as pain relief, but to also give a more balanced cerebral medical effect.  The effects of this strain are reminiscent of a sativa dominant green crack, with its energetic influence and uplifting properties.  This strain is best used to treat symptoms of depression and to give a creative boost if motivation is an issue.  Sour Grape can be left un-topped and natural giving a medium plant which will double in height during the flowering stretch, but is best grown topped and bound or in a ScrOG using support or trellising.  The average flowering time of this strain is 56 days indoor. 

Lineage: Vortex X C4
Height: Medium
Type: 20% Sativa 80% Indica
Medical effect: anti-depressant, uplifting, motivated, focused
Best for symptom relief of: Depression, PTSD, ADD, major depressive disorder

Indoor flowering centered around 55 days

Sour Grape


Apollo 18  Odell Kush  Sour Grape  Fem Pineapple Kush

Pineapple Kush feminized

Pineapple X OG Kush
20% Sativa - Narrow Leaf Variety (NLV) X 80% Indica - Broad Leaf Variety (BLV)
Smell: of Fruit and pineapple

Indoor flowering 55 days
Outdoor harvest end of September @ 45NL






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