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Seeds are sold as souvenirs. No guarantee on germination.
Loss or damage in the mail, is the chance the customer takes.
All sales are final, no refunds. No contract inferred.



Coming Soon

Beanhoarder back with Old Timer's Haze (OTH) hybrids

Subcool's The Dank Bloodberries and Dawggone Sour

Lucky 13 seeds Skystone and Korengal Kush

Paradise, Flying Dutchman.


New Arrivals

White Woods is back with Mana Kush, Eden Kush and White Woods Cookies.

Canadian Cannabis Genetics is back with the Platinum Cocoa Banana Kush, Night Cap and Cocoa Bomb Diesel.

Serious, Sagarmatha, and THSeeds has arrived.

Whish Seeds
Erdpurt x Friesland (M33)



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Souvenir seeds.

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