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Back to the Congo  Deep Warp  Hasha  Texada Purps
Williams Trainwreck  Prices

Back to the Congo (Deep Congo) regular

Indoor / outdoor

We released the original Deep Congo f1 back in 2006
A quick search for “deep Congo” will reveal a wealth of information world wide on our hybrid.
We started with a coveted pure sativa of the Congo
Strain and crossed it with the famous pure Indica
“deep chunk” line we were gifted by Mendocino
The resulting hybrid has been heavily tested by
The community and taken to several filial generations. Our goal in this release is to maintain all the positive qualities of the F1 whilst concentrating the sativa qualities that we strive for.
Go back to the Congo and learn the legend of the deep Congo firsthand.
(Comments by our customers)
savoury, spicy, woody, outdoorsy, sagey, hints of perfume and dried fruits. Hella incense, kind of a Mediterranean vibe, and the sweetness extends into the flavor.

The high is where she really shines.
clarity and focus up about a dozen notches.
It greatly helps me as an improvising musician to simultaneously regard the Past and Future while remaining and functioning completely in the Now - it practically eliminates the struggle of searching for those states and kind of cranks up the intensity on this glowing blue ball of communal trans-linguistic Other-energy that forms in the midst of any band that's really cooking.
Deep Congo I firmly believe was selected for musical purposes in its land of origin.

Richard Williams and others have stated that the pure Congolese is "the preferred cannabis of musicians in Europe". Something to the effect of "turn on the band with some Congolese and you'll really see a show". My personal findings completely agree with these statements. All phenos have been great enhancers of musical thought.

*Back to the Congo Smoke Report*
"I almost hate to do smoke reports because I'm pretty sensitive to how much
it can realistically affect a breeders and resellers bottom line. I also
don't want to mislead or misguide fellow growers on a strain because I know
how important it is to make the right decision on what you are going to put
in your grow space. I admit though, that being a grower, I do have a bias
towards growers so I'm going to be more protective of growers. Disclaimer
Now I can give you my stone cold lock of a recommendation. The Richard
Williams Back to the Congo is the easiest recommendation I'll ever make.
This is the same strain that the great ACE Seeds released as a limited
edition over a year ago. It's a cross with Tom Hill's famous Deep Chunk.
I would describe it as Down Down Down to the Congo. This is the tall,
single cola and for me, a very quick finishing 48 days, Congolese pheno.
The sensation, which starts very quickly, are waves of deep healing, pain
relieving comfort and stone that goes from the top of your head to the tips
of your toes and front to back. It feels like you are getting pulled down
to the ground and you feel a deeper connection to the earth. I know that
sounds hyperbolic but that's the best way to describe the feeling the Congo
gives me. I love it!
I have a shorter Congo in the room that's at day 59 and I'm thinking it's
got 10 days to go. I'm hoping this is the Deep Chunk pheno which is
supposed to be a killer Indica and if it has a stronger stone than the
taller pheno then it must be subterranean."

Indoor flowering 8 weeks
Outdoor harvest end of September

Back to the Congo


Congo  Deep Warp  Hasha  Texada Purps  Williams Trainwreck  Prices

Deep Warp regular

The Williams family originated this hybrid back in 2006 combining the (Texada timewarp x early Cambodian) gifted to us from Quadra island and Tom Hills deep chunk. We have since line bred this strain resulting in two distinct phenotypes, one matures very early September and is short and more Indica leaning with a nice skunky yet fruity taste and stoney effect. Great medicine after a hard days work. The late September phenotype being more sativa dominant exhibits a more citrus grapey aroma with a pleasant yet potent uplifting effect. Great for dinner parties and good pain relieving effect.

Outdoor harvest early-late September


Congo  Deep Warp  Hasha  Texada Purps  Williams Trainwreck  Prices

Hasha regular

We got the Hasha in trade for beans from an old New Brunswick guy. It’s a semi auto flower that come in dead done by the end of August. It’s a short plant that buds starting in July that fills in nice with dank skunky nugs - a rare thing for an auto. Very stealthy due to its height and being so early you will Be all cured, dried and on holiday before any worries of choppers or rippers.  R.W.

Originally Posted by NBtrichgrower
Hello all, Just to drop in and give a little info on the Auto Afghan that reibeisi grows, Its a cut that i passed out around my part of the province (I'm in the same province as Reibesi)Its gotten around these parts pretty good since i started the seeds winter of 1996. I acquired the seeds from a friend that was given them. These seeds were not supposed to be passed out of the group of growers that had them but 11 of them leaked to me Out of these seeds there was 3 females a #5 (spicy skunky) , # 6 SKUNKY SKUNKY, #99 Spicy, skunky. The #6 is the one Reibesi probably has but the #5 did get spread around some circles as well so its hard to say for sure without me testing it . I ended up sticking with the #6. I did make seeds from these back in 96 and have created another strain in 1998 with a NL/Skunk from amdam (mid 90's not sure which seed company). The auto affie is a local strain that was being grown locally for a few years .Along its lifetime it had a skunk #1 added into it from amdam early 90's, and a said tray of clones acquired from Ontario mid 90's that were believed to be mighty mite. This is when the auto flower traits were introduced i would say. The Growers around here that created the strain call it Hasha or hash weed. I wanted to take any heat off my friend that snuck out the seeds to me so i changed the name to afghan because at that point i also hear there was afghan genetics in the strain . I had bought this weed for a few years before acquiring the strain and was after the strain when i got it. So more than likely anyone growing this strain around here calling affie or afghan is growing one of my cuts , if it s being called hasha, well its probably from the other group growing this strain. That group has inbred it every summer as they grow all from seed every year and has changed the strain drastically since mid 90's. I hope this helps explain a little about the auto affie from New Brunswick.

Outdoor harvest end of August


Congo  Deep Warp  Hasha  Texada Purps  Williams Trainwreck  Prices

Texada Purps regular

Texada purps we got from a friend who got it from a friend…. This one is from the same famous gulf island as Texada Timewarp, though not related.
Getting the beans was hard enough let alone lineage,
But suffice it to say this is a very early and dank tasty indica leaning strain. Starts budding in July and can be harvested in August but do let some go into September.
Lovely dense nugs with amazing bag appeal given
The super dark purple right through the bud.
The buddy we got the beans from had no
Problem unloading five elbow loads to a local dispensary.

Another great strain from the good ‘ol boys of Texada.

Outdoor harvest August/September


Congo  Deep Warp  Hasha  Texada Purps  Williams Trainwreck  Prices

Williams Trainwreck regular

This strain originates in Humboldt County
And was traded to Steve Tuck who I got it from in Canada.
The story goes like this…
(Thanks to Kev)

Originally Posted by dickwilliams
Hey interesting info,
Thanks for getting that trainwreck to Steve, what version did you give him?
I was one of the folks in BC that got some trainwreck freebies from Steve and it has proven a great
true breeding and vigorous strain for me over the years.
This year I'm doing a swamp grow and several hundred trainwrecks are part of it.

hi, i got my cut in 95. it was the only Trainwreck cut at that time. it started to be called the arcata train wreck after that. same cut I provided the same cut to the greenhouse seed company and to dna seeds. she is a beauty. glad you enjoyed her, best, Kev.

Our Version of Trainwreck we obtained from Tuck (who out-crossed and back crossed it)
Went onto produce our famous “deep wreck” line.
Along with a vet Buddy from Arkansas the Williams have bred this out to past f10.
We now dub it Williams Trainwreck with thanks to the originators.
INDOORS :Look for the Robert Clarke described wheeper creeper phenotype which produce
Numerous small nugs over a vine like plant.
Very Sativa dominant yet finishes in seven to eight weeks indoors.
 very vigorous and matures in early October with
Nice crystal and purpling. Rain and mold resistant.

Nice citrusy skunky smell and taste, very clean up effect with no ceiling.
Great daytime medicine. In memory of dr jay.


Indoor flowering 7-8 weeks
Outdoor harvest early October

Williams Trainwreck





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