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Loss or damage in the mail, is the chance the customer takes.
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Cherry Tree regular
(Cherry Tini x Trufflez)

Perfect Tree's uber-sweet cherry/fuel tastebomb called "Cherry Tini" meets the
Aficionado Seeds cherry-pancake/streetwalker-perfume "Trufflez". Flowering times
of around 9 weeks are to be expected, while the plants won't need much attention.
They are easy to feed and happy with good soil -> normal schedules. Unique tastes
and exceptional smells are easily found in this combination.

Enjoy a Hemp Depot-exclusive, because these won't drop anywhere else.

10 regular Seeds.
made by SAN.

Indoor flowering 9 weeks



Dead Whabbits regular
(Carcass Skunk x Cheetos)

The "Exodus Cheese x Sour Diesel IBL 2010" i made a few years back called "Cheetos" was quite a success. The original combo-idea came via H.Robinson and his really impressive "Chiesel"-seedline back in the day. Cheese and Sour Diesel are great parents and combined they created very beautiful offspring. Cheetos shows increased trichome production plus a very fragrant upgrade and re-mix of the strong smell- and taste-intensity of both of these classic cultivars. I wanted to take advantage of the trait that 'Cheetos' gives of to his kids and mixed it with my 'Carcass Skunk' (which is = Exodus Cheese x ONYCD v3 male).
So, the detailed "Dead Whabbits" lineage is;
[Cheese x (Chem '91 SkVA/ChemD bx2)] X (Cheese / Sour Diesel IBL 2010).
Dead Whabbits take around 56-63 days, but the Cheese-phenos dominate the line and most of the plants will be done at 8 weeks after flip. Yields are very nice and through the Cheese, everything fell off from the "finicky" Diesel and Dogbud and only the easiness of growing classic (Dutch) Skunk is left = easy autopilot-growing.
This "cheese-basement with a roof of chem & sour diesel" results in a reliable terp-bomb that brings in fuely/og-smelling buds with a very thick/strong candy-like top up. The buds smell like sweet rotten meat buried in a very sweet candy fruit-salad. The mix is intoxicating and the effects are strong and more on the body side, while the head is LIT, but the legs get heavy. The muscles relax and mood and creativity lifts (!). but smoke too much and you'll find yourself grinning in your couch, craving to empty your fridge.

10 Seeds for Hemp Depot
(made By SAN)

Indoor flowering 8 weeks

Dead Whabbits


Cherry Tree  Dead Whabbits  Sanfune  Snow Thrower  Prices

Sanfune 2022 aka Tropi-fume regular
(Holy Princess x Chocolate Cheese)

“SanFune” (named by ‘Drip-n-wet’) has a long history in my little library.
I created the F1 in 2013, combining Eskobar’s “Holy Princess” with males
from Esko’s “Chocolate Cheese”. This i have developed it into a few different
lines with different dominant expressions. The ones i like best are the “Tropi-
Fume”-types that bring in tropical sweetness (like passionfruit, papayas, pine-
apple and citric types) from the “C99” and dark chocolate from “Cocoa Kush”
on a bed of red fruits (like rhaspberries, strawberries, cherries and blackberry)
provided by what eskobar called “Santa Maria”.
The smell-intensity and the fruity/creamy/gymnsock background from the
“Exodus Cheese” is noticable in every pheno as well. Many of the modern
US-candyterps are found here. Mix it with an OG/Chem/Diesel-type, then
compare and be amazed of the similar gassy/fruity terps coming up.
This is 2 of my favorite Eskobar-Lines combined and worked into a “quasi” IBL-
status. It inherits very reliable since a few generations and leaves shorter flotime,
heavier trichs and a mix of the amazing taste (and the used mother) in her kids.
The plants do not take longer than 9 weeks and bring in appealing sweet buds,
that tend to leave “that oily ring” on your joint after only a few tokes. The plants
are really easy to grow, since they need almost no attention from the grower at all.
They are trained to just perform for everybody with good soil, but they will shine
extra bright, if cared for by an experienced cultivator.
The potency matches the exclusive taste, while the balanced
effects leave you in a dreamy, creative state with rested limbs.

10 Seeds for Hemp Depot
made by SAN.
Indoor flowering 7 weeks


Cherry Tree  Dead Whabbits  Sanfune  Snow Thrower  Prices

Snow Thrower regular
(The White x Sour Diesel)

2018 was the birth of 'Sno Troer'. I used the White clone only (Krome's Cut) and
hit her with pollen from a male that I found in seeds I received via
Bodhi ( Reser-voir seeds "SD IBL 2010").
This I worked into lines that favour the Kush-side and the Sour-side. Both Lines take around 10 weeks and yield heavy (Kushline) to very heavy (Sourline) with potent smoke and a mix of kushy and sour tastes/smells (in both lines). 'Sno Troer' is the best of both worlds. This here is the Kushline, enjoy.
Made by SAN.

Indoor flowering 9 to 10 weeks

Snow Thrower

Snow Thrower

Snow Thrower

Snow Thrower

Snow Thrower




Souvenir seeds.

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