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Jack Straw regular from HNW
(Touch of Grey X Jack The Ripper)

Indoors / outdoor
A strong and interesting Sativa that yields well and works best in small doses is always a good combination. JACK STRAW's Sativa nature comes through by moving energy levels further and faster in the direction they seemed to be heading already when the dose is taken. Once a patient is awake, a little bit every once in a while throughout the day can help keep pain in check and a day productive, but anyone who decides to have some JACK STRAW when they are exhausted already (or otherwise need to be asleep soon to stay healthy) probably isn't heading anywhere but to bed. Sometimes your body just needs to be told to do what it needs to do, and JACK STRAW could be the the strain to do just that.

Phenotypes: There are four main phenotypes, including a JACK THE RIPPER dominant variant that is tall & stretchy, a TOUCH OF GREY dominant variant that is short & stocky. Two slightly differing aromas are also possible, one that resembles lemon haze and another more like straight sweet haze.
Height: Medium tall
Yield: Medium to Heavy
Recommended for Indoor and Outdoor Growing 
Best way to grow: Top out into a 30 inch round bush
High Type: Provides good pain relief along with relaxed energy at a moderate dose. The effect seems to intensify the state you're in when you use it, so that if you're tired when you smoke it, it will make you more tired, but if you are awake and active, it will wake you up even more and can even be a bit jittery at too high a dose.
Taste/Aroma: Sweet earthy to sweet lemon earth
May be helpful for: Anxiety, ADHD, depression, pain relief, nausea and difficulties related to chemo and radiation therapies.

Indoor flowering 63 to 70 days

Jack Straw


Jack Straw  Jazz Queen  Nurse Jackie  Professor Chaos
Ripped Bubba  Sonic Screwdriver  Prices

Jazz Queen regular
(Galactic Jack x Raspberry Smash x Space Queen)

This strain is part of the One Off Contest. One strain, One grower, One Winner
Areefa Dankland

Created by Master Breeder Heroes of the Farm this hybrid has a very unusual story. This cultivar was created and we gave away 10000 for free for all the Weed Nerds to test their growing skill against others with the same exact strain! The mother known for her huge yields and quick finish and the male known for increasing resin and flavor.
Yield type: Heavy to moderate

Indoor flowering 58-65 days typically


Jack Straw  Jazz Queen  Nurse Jackie  Professor Chaos
Ripped Bubba  Sonic Screwdriver  Prices

Nurse Jackie regular from HNW
(Medicine Woman x Jack the Ripper)

Indoor / outdoor
We wanted to combine the strong medicinal effects of Medicine Woman and Jack the Ripper and ended up with this delicious and powerfully effective strain. This stuff just tastes good, and even though you feel every bit of Nurse Jackie's considerable THC (21%+) the complex balance of terpenes that makes it so tasty leaves you with a clear head. Whether you are sick, well, or otherwise, Nurse Jackie is going to help you get up and go deal with whatever you have to do.
Phenotypes: All phenotypes are tall, stretchy, and super frosty, with buds that are super tasty.

Phenotypes: There are two main types: one that takes after Jack the Ripper with triangular buds and a strong lemony taste, and another that takes after Medicine Woman with round buds and a strong funky taste.
Height: Tall
Yield: Medium to Heavy
Recommended for Indoor and Outdoor
Best way to grow: Top out into a round bush early will stretch to 3X height. The Sativa nature will really come through as the plant stretches out quite a bit.
Harvest: 56-63 days
Sat/Ind: 85/15
Hybrid: Medicine Woman x Jack the Ripper High
Type: This is strong medicine that leaves you with a clear head. Experienced users will be aware of the high THC content from the get-go, but bitteriness will only set in at pretty high dosages. Nice to get you through the day, particularly for patients with serious medical issues.
Taste/Aroma: Sour lemony to sour funk with earthy undertones. Very distinctive and extremely tasty.

Indoor flowering 56 to 63 days

Nurse Jackie


Jack Straw  Jazz Queen  Nurse Jackie  Professor Chaos
Ripped Bubba  Sonic Screwdriver  Prices

Professor Chaos regular from HNW
(Mad Scientist x Jack The Ripper)

Need to deal with constant pain but still have the energy to get things done? PROFESSOR CHAOS can teach you a thing or two about that!
We've combined the considerable painkilling effect of our award-winning MAD SCIENTIST (back-to-back 1st Place Overall in the 2011 and 2012 Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards) with the get-up-and-go of JACK THE RIPPER for a Sativa dominant strain that can completely take care of your pain but leave you feeling energized instead of ready for the couch.

PROFESSOR CHAOS can do plenty to help you feel like you're getting back the energy that chronic pain saps right out of you. But make a list before you use all that extra energy—we all know that professors can be a bit absent-minded, and you don't want to waste your pain-free time starting a bunch of different jobs instead of doing the one thing you absolutely meant to get finished.

Phenotypes: There are four different phenotypes, two tall and two short. All pheno's have triangular, heavily knuckled finger-shaped buds with swollen calyxes and a sour, funky haze aroma.
Height: medium
Yield: average to above average
Best way to grow: Top early to make an approximately 30” round bush.
Sativa / indica 65/35
High type: Clear-headed and energetic with strong pain relief, but with little effect on mood.
Taste / aroma: Sour funky haze, with some earthy undertones: Sour funky haze, with some earthy undertones.
May be helpful for: Chronic pain, narcolepsy and MS

Indoor flowering 56 to 63 days


Jack Straw  Jazz Queen  Nurse Jackie  Professor Chaos
Ripped Bubba  Sonic Screwdriver  Prices

Ripped Bubba regular
(Bubba Kush Pre-98 X Jacks Cleaner X Space Queen)

Indoor / outdoor
Created to combine the incredible high THC and THCv Cannabinoids in Jack the Ripper with the clear calming effect of Bubbu Kush the combination of the two make for a creative and motivating effect.

Strain description:
Ripped Bubba has the frame of an Indica but with insane amounts of resin that seems to cover every part of the flowers giving the effect of a glass coating. This strain provide pain relief along with a very clear headed and mentally relaxing high.

Phenotypes- The most Common expression is an Indica with phenotypes sharing traits of both parents.
Height- A higher percentage of plants will have an Indica profile being stocky and robust.
Yield- Very Dense flowers Medium yield completely sugar coated buds
Best Way to Grow- Top early to form multiple heads but hold back on the food at first.
Sativa/ Indica 40/60
High type-Creative and Motivational in the mind and calming in the body and soul
Taste- Cherry, Kush, Hash, Black Berry, Skittles Candy, some variations have a heavier Lemon smell

Indoor flowering 55 to 60 days

Ripped Bubba


Jack Straw  Jazz Queen  Nurse Jackie  Professor Chaos
Ripped Bubba  Sonic Screwdriver  Prices

Sonic Screwdriver regular from HNW
(Orange Cream Soda X Timewreck)

Indoor / outdoor
Wouldn't it be nice if you always had just the tool you needed to do exactly what any given situation called for? Well, sometimes all you really need to get through a difficult situation is to relax and focus, and SONIC SCREWDRIVER is a great tool to help you do just that. This tasty strain is great for chilling out and focusing your attention where it needs to be, whether it's a project you need to get done, your next shot in a pool game or just some show you like to watch. Plus, Mushmouth says this is the best yielding strain he's seen so far. And it makes food taste great.
Phenotypes: The four different phenotypes are all citrusy in smell, with one tall TIMEWRECK dominant variant, one short & stocky ORANGE CREAM SODA dominant variant, and two that fall between those two extremes.
Height: tall
Yield: very heavy
Best way to grow: Top early to make an approximately 30” round bush.
Harvest: 63-70 days
Sat/Indica: 75/25
Hybrid: Orange Cream Soda x Timewreck
High Type: Very relaxing and helpful for directing and maintaining focus.
Taste/Aroma: This has a consistently citrus taste that is strongly reminiscent of oranges.
May be helpful for: Anxiety, ADHD, depression, pain relief, nausea.

Indoor flowering 63 to 70 days

Sonic Screwdriver








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