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Sky Kush regular
Sky Kush yellow pheno regular
(LA Confidential x Island Sweet Skunk (ISS) F3)

The sky kush cross was a dream I had for years. I wanted to have the incredible flavor of the PRIZED Island Sweet Skunk (ISS) into a much more compact, manageable, outdoor, fast flowering plant without loosing too much quality.
So I went seeking a good yielder, indica dominant fast finisher. I decided to go with the squat, sturdy, 50 day, 100% indica CUP WINNER LA Confidential, from DNA Genetics. I selected a pheno that had a Pakistani kushy-ness with a minty twist to it. The stem smells exactly like vicks vapo-rub. I tested it outdoors and it finished as soon as end of September, at 43 NL. The dad comes from my F3 version of Island Sweet Skunk. Inbred twice towards properties of vigour and bigger stems, a shorter bloom phase and rounder, more dense bud sites. I crossed the indica spectrum back in the ISS genetics. The terpenes favour a little more myrcene lift to the already flavourful ISS. Outdoors it prefers mild conditions with little of the extreme swings.
I selected a wide, sturdy, fast vegging male and crossed it with the LA.
It resulted into a stretch indica (90% of the time, sativa frame with rock-hard golf ball size nugs) or a full indica (10% of the time, compact plant that produces huge round flowers).

The selection started with 82 phenotypes to been screened to find 9 great females and 1 male. The father was a representation of the average population.
All 9 females have been tested and 5 "best in their own way" phenos were chosen. The keeper was indica dominant that produces big grenade size flowers with almost no stretch, yielded more than the others and smells like the exact mid way blend between fresh blueberries and artificial grape. When it cures, a cheesy kushy-ness really comes out.
I separated this pheno from the "general population".
It is tagged as "Yellow pheno".
The general population aroma goes from full grapes to black licorice, to red wine, to soap gum.
All pheno's of this cross are commercially viable and finish around 50 days.
2 cup winners merged into a real 50 days strain!

Indoor flowering 50 days

Sky Kush

Sky Kush

Sky Kush


Sky Kush  ISS/Q x Sky Kush  Prices

ISS F3/ Qleaner F2 x Sky Kush regular

Indoor / outdoor
Same Sky kush male used in the creation of Sky KushF2
When i was testing my Qleaner F2 seeds, I found a very querkle dominant female that Ive crossed with ISS F3.
Then 52 (ISS F3 x Qleaner F2) seeds were popped and i found 4 great phenos. I tested them and there was one that still had that musky background smell of the querkle. It softens the strong smell of the ISS (in a good way) and the aromas of both strains meet into a deep skunky fruit smell.
I crossed it to my Sky Kush male to see where both ISS crosses, that used the same ISS F3 dad, would lead to in terms of aroma.

Indoor flowering 9 weeks

ISS/Qleaner x Sky Kush

ISS/Qleaner x Sky Kush




Souvenir seeds.

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