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Seeds are sold as souvenirs. No guarantee on germination.
Loss or damage in the mail, is the chance the customer takes.
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Encore regular
(Sweet tooth #4 IBL x Petrolia Headstash F2 #3)

Indoor / outdoor
I pollinated my best sweet tooth #4 inbred line cut with a super branchy Petrolia Headstash dad. This boy was heavy on the petrol/pine smell.
The result is a medium sized hybrid with rock hard buds and covered with a purple/white hue. A sweet pine/motor oil smell and a piney/grape taste.
Resistant to cold/pm.  A very nice sedative effect, great for chronic pain.

Indoor flowering 56 to 63 days
Outdoor harvest approximately early/mid October 45NL




Encore  LUI Dog  Sweet Tooth 4  Prices

LUI Dog regular
(Black Lime Reserve F3 x Legends Ultimate Indica F2 )

Indoor / outdoor
I pollinated a rare, sold out, fast and beautiful black lime mother which reeked of lime and gas with my LUI F2 stud male. The result is a medium sized plant which packs a real punch with a loud sour fruity/lime smell. She has good resistance to pm and she can take a bit of cold. Her effect is very euphoric with lot of giggling and is great for depression.

Indoor 55 to 63 days
Harvest outdoor late Sept to mid Oct at 45NL



Encore  LUI Dog  Sweet Tooth 4  Prices

Sweet Tooth #4 IBL regular
(Sweet Tooth 4 x Sweet Tooth 4 Bx)

Indoor / outdoor
I obtained an old sweet tooth #4 cut back in 2013. It can be a little demanding indoor, but outdoor in a cornfield or guerrilla style, she a breeze to grow. She is easy to clone and can take 2-3 frosts and a light snow. Vigour has been restored with the addition of this male from a limited back-cross stock of FDM seeds. Overall, she's just tastier than ever. A very smooth and euphoric effect that a novice and experienced blower will clearly love. Hash makers will love this one!

Indoor 56 to 63 days
Harvest outdoor late September to mid October at 45NL

Sweet Tooth #4


Royal Skunk

Indoor / outdoor
Freezeland is a Canadian cultivar that thrives even in the most in hospitable outdoor growing scenarios. Often dubbed the “work horse” for its ability to cope with whatever the weather. Skunk #1 provides an extra boost in yields and helps out with potency, though freezeland is no slacker in the THC stakes. The addition of Skunk #1 helps with indoor production, generating more buds with greater density than you would normally get using freezeland alone. Also suitable for indoor growing.

Indoor flowering 63 to 70 days
Harvest outdoor late September to early October

Royal Skunk





Souvenir seeds.

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