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 Bear Swamp Genetics

Apricot Kush  Super Dave  Prices


Apricot Kush regular

Indoor / outdoor
I got these seeds 10 or so years a ago from Sacred Seeds. It's a wicked outdoor plant, stoney as hell. Genetics are a bit of a mystery but if I had to take a guess, I'd definitely say it's an Afghan kush x Timewarp, based on plants I've grown over the years, the looks and effects of it add up. This was Dads other favorite plant and trust me, that guy smoked a lot of dope, all day long, every day, so that's saying something. She's fast, mold and pest resistant, and ridiculously sticky. There's 2 main phenos and one elusive pheno. 

1st pheno is a short leafy shrub that is literally a bush of bud. The dense buds do prefer a drier finish. Good news is you can pull it around September 20th in our area.

2nd pheno is a slightly lankier version of the first, with a more open structure and way less leaf. This one will not mold no matter what.

3rd this is the girl to look out for, she comes out in about 1 in ever 100 or so females. she's tall, open structured. Smaller buds but rock hard. There's the interesting part about her buds, the trichomes are so packed together, the buds look like they were dipped in liquid glass. Imagine a glazed doughnut, that's how they look. There is also an aquamarine or turquoise color with blood red hairs. I've never seen buds like these in my life and I've been at this game for 30 years. She'll send you into a state of euphoria you will never want to leave.

All of the phenos will be done by the end of September. Letting them get hit with a light frost, will turn them almost black

Outdoor harvest up to the end of September at 43NL

Apricot Kush by Bear Swamp Genetics


Apricot Kush  Super Dave  Prices

Super Dave regular
(Apricot Kush x Rene (Jean Guy cut))

Indoor / outdoor
Super Dave is a product of my father Dave's two favorite strains. When Dad passed away, I took seeds of our apricot kush and found the fastest, greasiest, fattest, overall dankest donk a male could be and saved his pollen to hit Dad's 20+ year old Jean guy Rene cut, that I will hold onto untill the end of my days. After 4 outdoor seasons, and selecting very few each year, from 100's only displaying the best traits of each parent, did I feel comfortable enough releasing these gems on the public. The seeds are now an IBL F5. Being bred in our climate, for our climate, has turned the Super Dave into quite the machine. It can take it all. Drought, flood, under feeding, over feeding, hot, cold, throw a stick of dynamite at it, it doesn't care. Truth be told, they do their best in hot green manure of any sort, that would normally burn most plants to a crisp. Moulds and pests are a non issue. Doesn't mould. Mites and thrips have never been a problem, deer on the other hand...
You'll see 3 main phenos in the line.

Super Dave #1 finished by September 25th
Ever thought you'd see a Rene that finishes before October? Now you have one that is absolutely finished by September 25th. She looks, smells, feels and smokes just like her mom, but has her fathers fast finish and little extra drop ass effect in the stone. Don't make plans to be productive with SD#1 you'll have a hard time finding motivation. The upside is she's a hell of a pain killer, mood enhancer and appetite stimulator. This would be a good one for pain, depression or Chemo treatments. You're looking for a shorter plant maxed out at 5 feet in the end with this one with fatter 5 finger leaves, very branchy but not very leafy with wicked hard buds.

Super Dave by Bear Swamp Genetics

Super Dave #3 finished last week of September to the first week of October.
This one is your classic Christmas tree of days gone by. Golf ball sized buds that form colas for 10" at the end of every branch. The buds looks like the spiked turtle shells we shot our friends with in Mario Kart. You'll get a 50/50 effect with this girl, stoned as shit but motivated and energetic at the same time. It basically gaslights you, knocks you down then picks you up.  careful though, you smoke too much of this one you'll pedal your 10 year olds bike 3 miles to buy more cookies and cereal, forgetting you had a car to drive at home. Outdoor finish last week of September to the first week of October.

Super Dave by Bear Swamp Genetics

Super Dave #27 finished middle of October.
This one comes with a warning label *If you are prone to anxiety at all, DO NOT SMOKE​* seriously, imagine C99 on meth. I don't know from which parent, or where the hell in the line of either parent this thing comes from.  I've never bred for it, it just keeps showing up in the progeny, might as well embrace her. This would be an interesting one indoor I think. You'll know her when you see her, 7-13 finger leaves very open structure, same spikey buds as #3 but light and airy. Oh ya, she also gets between 10 and 15 feet tall.
I don't have any current pictures of this one but I can tell you the effects that everybody has when smoking it. She creeps and slaps both your ears at the same time about 3-5 minutes after the joint is over. Ears start to ring, heart races, you feel your pupils blow up like balloons. Then comes hyper focus to the point you get lost in the trails of what you're looking at. This one is not for the faint of heart. If you like to take a trip and not have to leave home this ones for you.

Super Dave 27










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