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Spatacus Seeds

South Mexican Bx  Prices



South Mexican Bx regular

Indoor / outdoor
Organically produced.
This strain will flourish in Southern California’s more favorable
micro-climates. It appears to have genes from Thailand and the
Southern Mexican state of Michoacan. It appears the Mexican
growers imported Thai seeds but noted that they failed to thrive
in the colder nights of the Southern Sierra Madre Occidental.
Sensibly, they crossed it with a proven regional highland variety:
Michoacan. The results have proven worthwhile and breed stable.
The plants have such an elegant asymmetrical growth form, very
much like Thai that they are worth growing as an ornamental!
The leaves and buds are totally Michoacan. It can be a
very tall plant and reaches to fill in available space. Flowering
does not commence until mid September (at 37 deg. Lat.) It will
withstand a good Summer rain and resists mold similar to Early
Skunk. It finishes in the end of November or early December.
The buds have nice crystal formation. The smoke is very up lifting.
This upbeat high is also notable in the excellent bubble hash product it produces: No burnout!

The plant will do well outdoors most years in Southern portions
of zone 16, from San Luis Obispo south. Some of Zone 19 is also
within the best micro-climates. With perfect Southwest exposure
and a strong sunset, Zone 16 from the Zones: 21, 22 ,23 and 24 are
all excellent, Especially 21 and 23. 20 is OK. It will also work in the
Gulf Coast states which are frost free until mid Dec.
It should be noted that the variety does not require large
containers. 8 foot / 2.5 meter plants can be grown in a 10 gal. with
good top dressing, and feeding, including foliar. Can go huge in 25
They will need tying up in windy areas.

The seeds are NOT FEMINIZED. Once you have it, you can breed
it. This one makes some fine crosses as well. Fine dark seeds!
As with many Mexican varieties, The males are as big as the
females; do not use extensive branching as a sexing cue -
DARKEN for 3-5 nights at 12/12 to sex then resume normal light.

For latitudes in the 30's one can start them in a greenhouse in late Aug or Sept. and they will, under natural light, finish up in end off March or April. The late Sept starts might want to break up the short nights in late Nov. through Dec. with High Perf. LED. Many 12 week plus varieties can be done like this. Might be good to do the first five weeks with one of those LED's anyway: It shortens the normally slow seedling period.

Indoor flowering 11 to 12 weeks




Souvenir seeds.

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